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This is where all the latest listings for the site updates can be found as I post them in decending date order.

05/03/13 A vehicle known as the Foxbat created from two cars.

25/02/13 Another couple of inlet manifolds from down under from Lynx.

20/02/13 It's a while since some updates just added Ross Racing of Kilburn High road under more info needed on companies list.

03/05/12  Some more photo's added of the Speedwell Streamliner a couple while being tested and one on a trailer at Goodwood.

14/04/12   It's been a while since I have added anything so I have updated the Halfords section with some 50's & 60's Catalogues.

22/09/11  A later Oselli enginering inlet manifold added with an original Torquemaster.

21/08/11  A couple of pictures added of a rather short Traveller in Inspiration.

19/08/11  Today I have added some of the history of Mangoletsi  including a front cover of a leaflet of their GM Modifier.

16/08/11  I have added today a rare phone card advertising a pair of Morris Minors & a Morris Specialist in Scotland, so I have put it in the Specialist section.

14/08/11  Some more inlet manifolds added in Improvements from Mitcham Motors, Mangoletsi & Maniflow.

12/08/11  I have recently been told of a third Kilo Sport and my thanks go to Chris Belham for the photo also I have added some details on the Group Designs XM which a few years later appears to have been resurrected as the Griffin.

23/05/11  I have added quite a variety of inlet manifolds in the Improvements section, including Lynx, Sportex, Peco and Longman.

12/04/11  Another couple of inlet manifolds added in the Barwell and Aquaplane sections the Aquaplane one also has the exhaust manifold as well.

10/04/11  An Aquaplane twin carb inlet manifold and exhaust manifold added.

18/03/11  I have added some Alexander Guages with thanks to Russell Filby.

15/03/11  Some more period adverts added including Piranha Ignition and Francis B Wilmot.

10/03/11  1964 Speedwell Brochure front cover with EMPI sticker added today.

06/03/11  A Derrington Fishtail Exhaust & Door advert from the original shed at Brooklands.

28/02/11  Some period Snap On Tools ad's added today.

24/02/11  A 1952 advert from Frank Kleinig from Australia added today with a few details on his racing exploits.

20/02/11  Front covers of the Les Leston Brochures from 1964 & 1968 added.

18/02/11  I have added some info about Broadspeed today.

08/02/11  Hopefully all the blacked out sections are now visible again if you spot anything astray please let me know.

05/02/11  For some reason there appear's to have been issue's with some of the pages and some details have been blanked out, I will be going through the site to restore things as soon as possible.

03/02/11  I have updated the Janspeed section and included a link as it appears I had forgotten to add it when I last updated the page.

23/01/11  What must be the ultimate kit car has been added today thanks to Bob Blackman for the information.

20/12/10  Today I have added a Rare Speedwell GT brochure with thanks to Bill Cummings for the images.

16/12/10  I have added some more companiy names that I have no details about from the 1960's at the bottom of the Companies page.

14/12/10  Quite a lot more detail added on the Jago today with more photo's.

08/12/10  I have come across another kit car called a Jeffrey J4 and added a photo with a few details.

03/12/10  Some information on a couple of Kit cars based on the Morris Minor components made by Jago and Kilo Sport.

30/11/10  A rare MK2 Barwell cylinder head added today with some information thanks to Mark Forster who had it for sale.

18/11/10  Two Harespares Catalogue's images added.

12/11/10  Some Halfords Catalogue's images and an early badge added.

09/11/10  An unusual Speedwell rocker cover and a pair of Amal Carbs as were originally fitted to a Speedwell 7 port cylinder head added.

13/09/10  A photo and some information on the rare Speedwell 7 port cylinder head, this restored head and information is from Mark Forster who has it currently for sale.

11/09/10  Some Oil & Fuel ad's in the advert's section added today.

09/09/10  It has been a little hectic of late hence the lack of updates, part 2 of the tyre ads added & I wonder if the Kelly ads owe something to Thunderbirds.

06/04/10  Another small London company that I have not heard of before called Lively Motors Ltd added today.

22/03/10  A couple of rare items added today The Berkshire Countyman thanks to Leo Greenaway & an ad for the Wickertrim I have never seen either.

15/03/10  I have added an advert on little known Boormans Performance and some information on Neal Davis Racing.

12/03/10  I have added quite a few period 60's ad's for Various Products in the Ad's section including a section using the fairer sex to help sell your products.

01/03/10  I have added some old Morris Minor Specialist Ad's most of them no longer exsist.

18/02/10  A few adverts from Performance Equipment Company Ltd added, otherwise known as PECO.

11/02/10  A photo of an Aquaplane manifold and twin carbs for a mini added today with thanks to Alan Wright.

10/02/10  I have added some details and information on a Series 11 Minor fitted with the little known Marshall-Nordec Supercharger from 1955.

08/02/10  A 3 page example of tuning the Morris Minor by Yimkin added today.

05/02/10  I have added an article on the Monaro Motors twin carb conversion from 1952 today.

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