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28/01/10  Today I have added a photo of a rare Arden Rocker cover with thanks to Greg at Bromsgrove Engine Service.s

18/01/10  A pair of early Sprinzel inlet manifolds added from my pal Bryn Jones.

13/01/10  A rare restored Aquaplane pre cross-flow cylinder head added today thank's to Joe Allenby-Byrne for the photo's.

10/01/10  Some information about Oselli added today with a few pictures of rocker covers.

17/12/09  I have added a picture of an Aquaplane grill badge today

14/12/09  Today I have added a rare Barwell rocker cover from Peter Morley in Belgium, and some Barwell touring car entries and results from 1959 to 1964 and my thanks go to Frank de Jong from the Netherlands for this little known information.

03/12/09  I have added four Alexander brochures today with thanks to Bernard Tyrrell for the information.

28/11/09  Some details added for the earlier years of Super Accessories as they started off in car building and not just the accessories catalogues that most of us remember from the 60's magazines, also thanks to Rob Daniels for the shop front photo and some of the information.

26/11/09  An Aquaplane rocker cover added today thank's to Joe Allenby-Byrne.

23/11/09  My thanks to Keith Luck for the photo's of the Shorrock Manifold and brochure cover added today.

22/11/09  A company I have not come across before W.A.T.S. Co.Ltd. has been added today.

21/11/09  I have added some more to the early history of Yimkin along with some early adverts and a bill & photo of a 1961 converted car that belonged to the late Fred Scatley, and also a photo of a rare Yimkin built Formula Junior car that was taken by Barry Boor at the 2006 Goodwood Revival.

18/11/09  Today I have added a recent photo taken by Michele Page in Katmandu on the home page.

15/11/09  A new still boxed set of 150 Stomberg carbs on Alexander manifold added today.

14/11/09  A rare Speedwell instrument display added today.

08/11/09  I have started to add some of the early history of Yimkin today.

07/11/09  Today I have added an article on the Miller Minor This car was originally tested in Motor magazine in 1973 with a top speed of 105 mph & 0-60 of 8.4 seconds and was built by David Miller who was an ex emplyee of Downton before setting up on his own at Border Garage in the New Forest.

05/11/09  I have started to put some details on Downton including a magazine article and how the first A series car they improved was a Morris Minor.

07/10/09  Today I have added the Gemini MK11 to the engine list and also to the Speedwell page as its powered by a Speedwell engine & transmission with thanks to Roger Herrick for cars pictures, I have also added an usused Moggie Bodyshell photo's with receipts in 1973-74 from Ed Stancliffe in the Ads page.

04/10/09  Today a couple more cars in the Unusual section with another of Randolph's creations & possibly the ultimate Traveller from Ian Dent-Willoughby.

26/09/09  I have added a some information on John Sprinzel with thanks to the Brad Ward collection for the photo's.

22/09/09  Today I have added a flyer for the Alexander extended Boot Conversion.

19/09/09  A couple of images of BMC Competitions Vehicles added along with a link to some more and some other Special Tuning Brochure details.

17/09/09  I have added a few more companies that I have no details off in the bottom list of the companies page.

15/09/09  Thanks to Phil Plumbe for pointing me in the direction of the BMC Mini tractor powered by a 948cc 'A' series engine to add to the list.

13/09/09  Today I have added single and twin carb manifolds from little known company Lynx from Australia thanks to Phil Plumbe and John Lindsay.

10/09/09  I have added a magazine article from 1960 along with a picture of the Speedwell Streamliner on the North Circular Road in NW London.

05/09/09  I have had a small reshuffle and moved the links in with Ad's section and started a new section for the more Unusual cars.

02/09/09 Today I have updated the Monaro Motors section including information on the designer of the Twin Carb Conversions Peter Manton, and my thanks go to miniexperience for many of the details.

28/08/09  I have made a start on the BMC Competitions and Special Tuning section.

21/08/09  Some more details added to the Weslake page showing the original style 2 tier cylinder head.

19/08/09  I have added some information on JLH Motorsport today.

16/08/09  I have added a few more images to Les Lestons pages today including a photo of one of his display stands selling his products, I have also added a couple of photo's of an `A` series engine in a marine application somethimg I had not seen before, thanks to Michael John York.

15/08/09  Thanks to Roy for pointing out 2 cars missing from the what cars used the 'A' series engine list, the MG Metro's of course.

14/08/09  I have added a couple of pictures of Roy Allingham in the Moggies in Action section today.

12/08/09  A few details on Barwell Motors has been added today.

02/08/09  Today I have added some details on Weslake's and the 8 port cylinder head conversion.

31/07/09  I have added some interesting details on the Speedwell Streamliner today and its world record attempt and who the actual driver was.

26/07/09  Some details on Arden conversions added today.

22/07/09  On the home page I have added a list of cars that used the 'A' series engine and a few more photo's.

21/07/09  I have started to put a bit of detail on Les Leston today and thanks to Bryn Jones for the advert & article.

16/07/09  Today I have started to put some information and photo's in the Shorrock section and my thanks go to Ian Bishop for much of the information, detail and photo's.

12/07/09  Thanks to Dean Cocks I have been able to add some Janspeed catalogue covers and some of the details to the Janspeed section today, and thanks to Chris G for the early manifold.

08/07/09  An Australian enthusiast has kindly sent me some photo's of some original Monaro Motors Manifolds and carbs which I have added today.

06.07.09  I have put some link`s to YouTube Video's that are in the Moggies In Action section, including some from the National Rally at Sparkford last month, and I have also added a link to some Resting Moggies at the end of the Who Am I section.

04.07.09  I have added some more images in the Moggies in Action section including some from the National Rally at Sparkford Somerset last weekend and I have changed the main layout to a slideshow.

01.07.09  I have added some pictures into the Moggies in Action section.

29.06.09  A bit of a reshuffle today I have moved the books into the adverts section and started an In Action section.
24.06.09  Some more photo's added of the Speedwell premises including their final premises in Chesham along with a bit more of their history.

22.06.09  I have added a little information about Wally Warneford in Australia.

20.06.09  A couple of Aussie manifolds added in improvements, a couple of new adverts and the one and only 2 Way added in inspiration.

16.06.09  A few more inlet manifolds added to the improvements section.

13.06.09  Today I have put in a article on Tasmania's famous Morris Minor called Millie, the details can be found in the Mazengarb section.

08.06.09  Some more details and images added to the inspiration section with a well known face and a couple of very well known cars.

04.06.09  A few more adverts and photo's added today.

03.06.09 Today I have posted up a copy a a letter that I was sent by Barry Sainsbury which explains some of the problems associated with the original Mazengarb Head conversion and the solutions they came up with to overcome the problems.

02.06.09  Today is the first day that the site has gone completely live and is now fully up and running.

31.05.09  I have been in contact with Barry Sainsbury and been supplied some nice information about the Mazengarb conversion and have posted a copy of an article he did a few years ago along with a few pictures.

28.05.09  Some items added to the Aquaplane section today and thanks to Craig for the cylinder head information.

25.05.09  I have started to add some information in the Derrington section.

23.05.09  Some more inlet manifolds added to the improvements section.

21.05.09  The first adverts have been placed today in the adverts section.

19.05.09  I have added a new section titled Inspirations for cars that don't really fit in the other sections and I have put in the first couple of entries.

17.05.09  I have started to put some detail in to the Alexander section with thanks from Russell Filby and my pal Bryn Jones for helping me start this section.

29.04.09  I have started to add some information on the early history of Speedwell today.

28.04.09  Today I have started to put in some inlet manifolds in the improvements section.

27.04.09  Some details on the Monaro Motors Twin Carb conversion added today. This is a another rare conversion from Australia, complete with a period article that dates from 1952 and was kindly supplied by an enthusiast in New Zealand.

26.04.09  I have added some more pictures of the Mazengarb car that's currently for sale with the Classic Throttle Shop these were taken for me by a nearby enthusiast and include some photo's supplied by the Classic Throttle Shop, this also appears to be the same car in the article from the Victoria Car Club.

25.04.09  Today I have added some book titles in the books section.

24.04.09  I have added some information on the Mazengarb conversion that was carried out on the Series MM cars this is a rare conversion that was from Australia, this includes an article kindly supplied to me from the MORRIS MINOR CAR CLUB OF VICTORIA.

22.04.09  First update today I have started to put some links into the links page and hopefully items will now progress as I start to enter more details in the sections.

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