Another very well known name in the world of 'A' series engine Tuning is JANSPEED.
This was founded by Jan Odor in the early sixties in Salisbury after he left 'Downton' to set up on his own and is one of the few companies from that era that are still in existance today.
Janspeed in the early days gradually became successful by making sure that their prices were quite a bit below below that of rival companies, and over the years the quality of the products created by Jan Odor ensured that they continued to grow and eventually outlasted most of their rivals.

The rocker cover on the left is quite an early one with a later example on the right

The manifold on the left is quite an early one for an 1 1/4" carb with a slightly later one on the right for an 1 1/2" carb

These are a couple of Catalogue front covers

These pages are from the 1971 Catalogue above left, they show the Cylinder Heads and Inlet Manifolds that were available for the Morris Minor and I assume the prices quoted are for both the 948 cc & 1098cc engines as the Midget engines are also quoted.

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