This section is for those cars that will give inspiration on what can be done with loads of enthusiasm a lot of time and some considerable skill or are just unusual, these cars do not fit into the other sections as they are not based around tuning companies and in some cases are the result of more modern ideas and techniques.

This is also a similar conversion in
New Zealand


This is not the sort of vehicle I would normally put on here but because its a rather special vehicle powered by a 948cc Morris Minor engine I think it deserves the attention as it's a home built Dragster that holds a very special place in the history of Santa Pod.
Strip Duster was built by Harold Bull in 1965 on a shoestring budget of £35, the engine itself cost a grand total of £1:00 but of course was extensively modified to include a rebore to 998cc, modified cylinder head, twin SU's and a Rootes type blower, the original transmission was from a Morris 8.
The rear axle was a Morris Minor 4.55:1 ratio, the front axle also contained Morris Minor components and even the brakes were Morris Minor so you can see that Strip Duster was really just a Moggie underneath with a few extra's.
In case you are still wondering why I consider Strip Duster to be such a special vehicle it's because it holds a unique place in history, as on the 11th April 1966 the very first meeting at Santa Pod took place and the very first pass was done by Strip Duster, so there you are the first Dragster to run at Santa Pod was a Morris Minor at heart.
Below is a photo of Harold and some pictures of Strip Duster if you click on Harolds picture it will link to the website that gives the history of the man and vehicle. And many thanks to Jane his daughter for letting me use the images and information.

Nick Mann's car after he bought it from his Mum

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