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According to the history of Barwell Motors it was founded by Richard Lemmer in the 1960s, and during the ‘60s and ‘70s it enjoyed success in a variety of racing disciplines including saloon, single-seater and sports cars. The company is still a family run business and Richard’s eldest son, Mark Lemmer, then took over the reigns of the current incarnation of the team in 1988.
Barwell Motorsport is one of the UK’s most successful privately-owned professional racing teams, having been competing at the forefront of different motorsport categories during the past five decades.
This Surrey-based company is renowned in British and European motor racing circles for being one of the most passionate, colourful and spirited teams in the paddock.

I am currently trying to get more information via Richard Lemmer as this seems to contradict some known information on the company at an earlier time as I believe that Richard purchased the original company from its former owners in the 60's.
The reason for thinking this is that on original fliers the owners are listed as J.Lucas & R.F. Golding who's 'A' Alloy cylinder head has a patent number assigned to it and this reveals that the patent was first applied for in July 1952, the complete specification date was July 1953 and it was fully published in Jan 1955, so at the time they must have been looking into it as regards the Austin A30 originally as the engine was announced for the A30 in 1951and didnt find its way into the Morris Minor until August 1952 so at what date the cylinder head actually came out is difficult to say, but they also produced items for the Twin Cam MGA as well as other cars.

This Barwell rocker cover is for a Ford kent engine and the photo was sent to me by Peter Morley from Belgium

My thanks to Frank de Jong from the Netherlands who has sent me a list of Barwell entered cars that appeared in touring car races from 1959 with an A35 then a Riley 1.5 and finally a 1071cc Mini Cooper S in 1964. A surprise entry in the 1962 Brands Hatch race was Paddy Hopkirk driving a Riley 1.5 who was disqualified.

To see the list of results click on the Barwell Logo.

If you want to see more of the history of
European Touring car Championships
from the 1950 onwards the best place to have a look at is Franks website which has not only many results but some excellent period photo's.

Another Alloy head that can trace its origins back to the late 1950’s.
The MK1 Barwell was bearly better than a standard iron head.
However during the 1960’s there was a partnership between the legendary tuners Derrington & Barwell Motors. The need to offer a really decent 5 port option was fully appreciated & the MK2 head was born. The head is actually marked Barwell - Derrington This head is equally at home on a small or large bore engine & once ported correctly can give a really appreciable increase in power.
The MK2 head shown in the photo's blow is in original New Old Stock condition & has never had any porting work carried out, and is complete with valves, guides & original Derrington template for modifying the chambers.
My thanks go to Mark Forster for the photo's & information and was for sale.
Another of these MK2 heads was recently for sale but without the word Derrington.

This Barwell rocker cover is for a Ford crossflow engine.

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